This is the latest crackpot bill the government is trying to sneak past us:

- An end to open wifi - in cafe's, libraries etc.
- the possibility of Individuals and organisations like Universities losing their net connection
- the ability to get any site on the 'net blacklisted without any 'cost'
- guilty until presumed innocent.
- legislation by business and the power of £, rather than for the good of the citizens.

This is the Digital Economy Bill lowdown.

It has implications for the ownership of your own photos on the net.

Here's a brief on the Digital Economy Bill

You only have until April 6th to write to your MP. So do it NOW. If enough of us make a fuss they will have to think twice about this.

It is an APPALLING state of affairs and we MUST NOT allow them to get away with this.

Spread the word...
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