This is the latest crackpot bill the government is trying to sneak past us:

- An end to open wifi - in cafe's, libraries etc.
- the possibility of Individuals and organisations like Universities losing their net connection
- the ability to get any site on the 'net blacklisted without any 'cost'
- guilty until presumed innocent.
- legislation by business and the power of £, rather than for the good of the citizens.

This is the Digital Economy Bill lowdown.

It has implications for the ownership of your own photos on the net.

Here's a brief on the Digital Economy Bill

You only have until April 6th to write to your MP. So do it NOW. If enough of us make a fuss they will have to think twice about this.

It is an APPALLING state of affairs and we MUST NOT allow them to get away with this.

Spread the word...

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I am just spreading the word- I am not qualified to make any commentaries other than that!

Thanks for the extra links. :o)

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everywhere. absolutely everywhere.

I've sorted a press interview for ORG Radio5 live soon[tm] and more press this weekend I hope..

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Do you think I would get into trouble if I did?
It might be "triggering"!

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Thanks for spreading the word. The DE Bill is one of the worst-thought-out bits of legislation since the Criminal Justice Bill.

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It has implications for the ownership of your own photos on the net.
Was that supposed to be a different link than the first one? I can't see any such implications mentioned there...

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I've already written to both the MP of where I live and the one where I vote (due to moving around so much I'm still registered at my parents house in Wales). The Wales one towed the Labour party line and the local (rather prominent) lib dem basically said "yes, we know!".
Lots of love

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Some of the concept is good, some of the details isn't so.

Im 50/50

and I did go to the FAC event the other day too.