It seems to me that it is a daily occurrence in the news now that disabled and sick people are being singled out by this vile, draconian and quite frankly EVIL government for vilification and ill treatment.
Here is the latest:

Just how much more Nazi can this government get?!!!!

I am all for outing benefit cheats and lazy dole scroungers (well actually I am not and feel free to ask me why!) but to take away vital benefits and support from people who cannot see, people who cannot walk and people who are mentally impaired etc?????

And when these poor people who struggle to get back to work, find that they are just too ill to carry on and have to leave again...what will happen to them? They will be left with nothing!

Next thing we know, Cameron and his evil idiot-monkeys will be bringing back poor houses...

I despair...
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I didn't know about this. I benefited from the linking rule myself a few years back when I attempted to go back to work but after a couple of months just couldn't handle it any more. The linking rule was a reassuring safety net.

Now there's even less incentive for people to even try to get well and attempt to go back to work.
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Hi! Are you OK? I noticed you have deleted your LJ. Mail me fwuffydragon at gmail if you need to chat. x


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