This is quite one of the most disgusting stories in the world but I am off sick with a cold and not in a logical frame of mind.
I have made it a public post for a bit (but only for a bit) so that [ profile] megaleena can read it since she asked to hear it.
Blink and you shall miss!

Once upon a time in a land right here, we had a cat called Faustus. Cool name for a cat no?
She was a feisty young thing and loved to hunt feet as cats do.
We were her world me and the OH. She would pine terribly if we left her for even a couple of hours.
This meant that she went everywhere with us- even when we went to stay with the in-laws which was often.
It also meant that she had to sleep with us every single night or she would keep us up with her plaintive mewing.

One night, me and OH were "doing the do" as it were.
This is how the conversation went:

ME- "Hey, Hun! I think the cat is licking my arse crack!"
ME- "Yep, she definitely is! Boy that tongue is rough!"
OH- "Should we stop and kick her out?"
ME- "Nah! I'm almost there. Might as well carry on."
OH- "Ok!"
CAT- "Mmmmmeeeeeeeow!"

Yeah and to add to the record I used to wank off horses as well. (For a living mind- not for fun!)
My current cat just likes to watch and that is fine by me because at least he does not join in.
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