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Lizzie Loob! What's up? Haven't heard from you in ages, but then I've been buried away too.

Hope all's well, I can't see your LJ anymore because you unfriended me. Come up to London, let's make some music. Give me an excuse to dust off my Moog.

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I don't know how that happened my lovely!
I thought you weren't on here any more!

We have missed you Hun and since Chris has now had a baby very recently, he's a bit too busy for music making!
We should definitely come up and see you and yours and do a spot of twiddling! :o)

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Uh, I'm on here but not publicly. I have kept my journal in private for many years. It was seven years ago you said I should start an LJ and I've maintained it ever since, so thanks.

Recently I've felt a bit more at ease with the idea of blogging so maybe I'll surface again every now and then. Just looked at your last few entries. It seems you've had a bit of a time of it, eh?


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